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Prearrangement of funeral services enables one to let their wishes known. It relieves the family of having to make important decisions at a difficult time.

Prearrangements can include only a general description of services preferred. Prearrangements can be very detailed including selecting funeral merchandise, such as the casket, and documenting the services to be performed.

Prepayment of the funeral ensures the family will pay no more for services and merchandise in the future. Prepayment of funeral expenses, through an approved prearrangement plan, enables funds to be protected. The funds are placed in an irrevocable trust and are not counted as assets. Traditional life insurance policies, bank accounts and trusts could be forfeited to pay for health care before the individual is placed on Medicaid..

You can relieve your family of making these decisions. We will be glad to explain the advantages of prearrangements. Prearrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home or at the funeral home.

Prearrangements with another funeral home can be transferred to us as well.

For more information on prearrangements please contact us at info@hagyfawbush.com or click the link below.