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Traditional Funeral Services

It is important to recognize that funerals are for the living. The traditional funeral service allows family and friends to gather, mourn and remember the deceased with the body present. It is through this process that a number of emotional needs are met for those who grieve. A traditional funeral will most generally consist of a visitation for receiving of friends with the body present, a service at the church or funeral home, and an interment in a registered cemetery. The funeral and visitation declares that a death has occurred and commemorates the life that has been lived, and offers the family and friends an opportunity to pay tribute to the one they love. The gathering of friends and family provides the emotional support so needed at this time. Psychologists have established that until a bereaved person truly accepts the fact that death has occurred, no progress can be made in resolving their grief. Viewing helps to fulfill that need allowing family and friends to bring closure to a life lived. 

We are capable to provide families personalization in the funeral service. Personalization can include displays of photographs, works of hobbies, collectables and music. Audio and video recordings of the service are also available.

Our funeral home provides a wide range of products such as caskets and vaults for this type of service. Personalization of selected caskets and burial vaults are available as well.

For more information please contact us at info@hagyfawbush.com.